God’s Tornado

Gods Tornado

On  April 3,2017 God started to move in my life but at the time it was just a regular day. We went over to the barn to feed cows ahead of a brewing storm. About the time we loaded feed onto the truck the storm started. We rushed to get into the truck and move away from everything to avoid debris. About the time we rounded the barn and faced west we watched a tornado destroy the property line between us and John and Jean Sport about 100 yards away, an amazing sight in and of itself. This storm did a lot of destruction here and later in Luverne, Al. but as miracles usually are NO injuries ! Here it created a lot of new work, clearing the fence, resetting posts and re-stretching barbwire to keep the cows in. As I was working and as I got exerted I felt something I’d never felt before. Not pain, but a weird discomfort in my neck…..if I sat and rested a few minutes it would subside, so I worked that way for days. In conversation with Catherine my wife we decided that it might be something to check into. After I completed my work and got the cows settled back in I made an appointment with a Cardiologist for a few weeks later. Nothing much changed and I didn’t think much was wrong so I didn’t worry a lot about upcoming events. Never had any chest pain or anything to believe my heart was bad or had been damaged from the Rhabdomyolysis Id had  in the 90s, nothing like that. Little did I know anything about how the next few months would play out for us all but God did.

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